Why The Life Ban?

Posted on February 10, 2009. Filed under: Banned Substances, Medals, Olympics, Performance enhancers, Sports, Uncategorized, Videos |

Sometimes you look around and can only admire what the fantastic sports men and women achieve in their diverse sports. It becomes one of the reasons some of us including the kids enjoy and join sports and try to keep active and fit. When you look what most competitive sports also pay you and when you become successful at what you do, the amount of sponsorship that you receive. Not only to mention the revenue that you generate from advertising products for different companies and even getting one developed in your own name.

You then start to wonder, what makes one successful sports person to end up facing a life ban and loose all such luxury. When you look at the hard work put on in training and the support required in order to maintain one’s fitness, is taking banned substances worth it? Britain has such a wonderful athlete in Dwain Chambers, and so did America in Kelli White, just to name the few. It is not always the guys in the track however this seems to be in all sports. If these performance enducing drugs are banned, why are they being distributed and made available in the first case? Secondly, who is to be blamed? Is it the trainer’s fault or the athlete’s?

I have doubts if the athletes would risk their hard work and take these banned substances knowingly and risk to be banned for life and loose all the bennefits of a successful clean athlete, but who am I?


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