The six secrets of olympics fitness

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Living within an hour’s drive of the beach I have learned to love the ocean and at times take it for granted. However I have also learned through time the items you really must have if you plan on making a day out of it. Here is what I recommend.

Ok this is a no brainer but sun tan lotion is the most important thing you need to bring. You should also bring a sun block as well just in case the sun feels really strong when you are there. You should apply 30 minutes prior to sitting in the sun and then reapply as necessary. Some “experts” say that reapplying doesn’t help, and I say bull shi-tak-e. I apply anyway and I feel it does help me.

Sure you could sit on the sand but you might drag more into your car then what is necessary. Bring a chair or blanket with you to so you have something comfy to sit on.

If you decide to take the plunge into the water you will need to dry off and no better way than a towel. I guess you could stand there and let the sun dry you off, but then you might get everything around wet.

A radio is good or something that you can listen to music to. I love sitting in the chair on a nice hot afternoon watching the waves crash along the beach while listening to some Jimmy Buffet.

Nothing will dehydrate you faster then sitting in the sub baking away. If the beach you go to allows it carry on a small cooler filled with ice and water bottles. Keep yourself hydrated, it is important for you health.

Actually not just a book but something to read. Sitting on the beach is a great time to relax and nothing is more relaxing than catching up on some reading. Bring a book with you or a magazine, it will definitely make your day trip a lot more fun.

Well there you have it. Here are my must haves when I go to the beach. Sure I bring other things with me but none are as important as these.

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Who Said you couldn’t get the athlete’s body fitness?

With the ocean’s as quiet as the Brighton’s, how can you not get extra fit. It is even cheaper than the gym membership.


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